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I haven’t blogged in far too long. And so much has been happening in my life that I plan to use these next few blogs to play catch up with all of you. As if we were meeting for coffee (dark, extra bold roast of course!) like old friends and getting caught up on our lives.

So let’s start with some great news today!

On March 30th, I will start a new job! I have had a great career over the last four years at Verizon and have made some of the most amazing friendships. But an opportunity came to me a couple of weeks ago that I could not turn down.

I will be starting with Allaxoun Group, Inc and my job function will include writing, blogging, being a part of video presentations, and doing speaking engagements. It is basically a huge step in the direction of my dream job!

And what blows me away is how life brought the opportunity my way.

As most of you know, I have been a part of a Facebook group (30 Days of Hustle) that is all about those who are hustling towards their goals and dreams in life. I have done my best to be active in the group and encourage others to believe in their dreams all while pursuing my own.

One of the members of the group has her own company, Allaxoun Group, and had noticed what I was doing in the group. She knew I blogged, had done some video blogs, and enjoyed speaking in front of others.

She reached out to me about a job opportunity. The more she and I talked, I knew that this was something more than just a job opportunity. This was the chance to do more of what I loved and what I felt designed to do! She and I shared such similar beliefs on life and work and fulfilling our purpose through each.

My job responsibilities will include writing, blogging, doing video blogs, and speaking engagements for the company. Umm yes! These are all things that I love to do and feel like I am meant to do!

As I sat back and reflected on how this came about, I was reminded of something I have been telling others for so long. Life is always preparing you for that next step. Oprah describes it as “the moment when preparation meets opportunity”. I had unknowingly been preparing for this job opportunity for almost two years with my blogs, writing, video blogs, and participation in the Facebook group.

And when the moment of opportunity came my way, it required taking a chance. It required stepping into an area with some unknowns. But it also required remembering what I have been praying for all along. And realizing that life was saying – Hey! This is your chance! Now take it!

I am excited about what this new opportunity holds and I hope that you will be encouraged to continue doing what you are meant to do. You never know how the work you are doing today will impact the opportunities that come your way tomorrow.

It’s funny how life seems to work everything out. We just need to do our part!


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